released: may 2012 (redesign: april 2013)
description: office furniture, relocation and refurbishment company
features: clean and fresh design with easy navigation system based around image slideshows. redesigned to fit in with updated branding due to company acquisition.
technical: html, css, javascript, jquery

released: october 2010 (redesign: january 2013)
description: central website hub for local community
features: events are shown on a live updating calendar. all information and news articles can be updated via an easy to use bespoke content manageable system. includes an online payment system. redesigned with a more modern theme, and extra features to make usage easier.
technical: html, css, javascript, php, mysql

released: august 2009 (redesign: december 2012)
description: a portfolio website for a cantor. redesigned to look more modern and have an easier method of viewing videos.
features: custom made audio and video player.
technical: html, flash (actionscript)

released: march 2012
description: local primary school
features: user accounts for all students to access school and class details, with the ability for teachers and staff to add work, photos, and events using a custom made content management system.
technical: html, css, javascript, jquery, php, mysql, youtube/picasa integration

released: february 2012
description: international organisation of therapists and doctors
features: bespoke content management system allowing all information to be edited and events and links to be added and edited easily.
technical: html, css, javascript, jquery, php, mysql

released: february 2012
description: dried fruit and nut gifts
features: easy to update item catalog with bespoke shopping basket system.
technical: html, css, javascript, php, mysql, paypal

released: february 2012
description: property letting company website
features: all property details can be updated by the website owners through a custom made administration system.
technical: html, css, javascript, php, mysql

Mill Hill Therapy.com
released: november 2011
description: a therapist's website
features: an interactive section explaining the therapist's main areas of experience.
technical: html, css, javascript, jquery, google maps api

released: july 2010
description: a website hosting a variety of minigames
features: database driven user accounts with custom made inbox, friends, and achievements systems.
technical: html, css, php, mysql, flash (actionscript)

released: january 2010
description: a website for a miniature photographic project
features:a comprehensive, yet simple to use, slideshow system to showcase different types of photos.
technical: html, flash (actionscript)